CAREER PATHS - Engineers

When you work at General Dynamics, you will see the advanced solutions you create at work in the military, government and business worlds.

You’ll see your innovations in the hands of the people who serve our nation and are at the forefront of business. You’ll see your products accomplishing what was thought to be impossible just a few years ago. We are searching for engineers in every discipline to meet the diverse demands of our customers.

See what is available for you @ GD.

Felicia - Mechanical Engineer C4 Systems
Felicia - Mechanical Engineer

"I know what I am doing is important because people's lives really depend on it."
C4 Systems
Scottsdale, AZ
Years at GD: 2

Lisa - Software Engineer Advanced Information Systems
Lisa - Software Engineer

"I know in a small way that I'm a part of the projects that help keep the country safe."
Advanced Information Systems
Scottsdale, AZ
Years at GD: 7

Erin - Systems Engineer Advanced Information Systems
Erin - Systems Engineer

"General Dynamics provides me with a work/life balance that is best for me."
Advanced Information Systems
Bloomington, MN
Years at GD: 7

Wael - Systems Engineer Advanced Information Systems
Wael - Systems Engineer

""It’s the constant, fast-paced environment that keeps you on your toes and gives you that extra boost in waking up every morning.""
Advanced Information Systems
Fairfax, VA
Years at GD: 6